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Sebastiano Arlotta Tarino, born in 1988, sportsman from birth.
Over the years he has participated in various sports activities including several Iron-Man and ultra-marathons. Of the latter, the most important were covering 250 km in the deserts of the Gobi, Atacama and Sahara in six days and in self-sufficiency classifying with podiums and in any case always among the “elite” riders.

Sebastiano will soon take-on a new personal challenge – mainly following the GR10 route, he will run 900km with approximately 60.000 meters of positive elevation gain across the Pyrenees. From the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean sea. The aim is to complete it in 10 days, but his dream is to shed light on a serious illness: cystic fibrosis which affects hundreds of thousands of people in the world. More than 6.000 new born, teenagers and adults in Italy. More than 200 new cases each year in Italy (Sebastiano’s home country).

Sebastiano will run across the Pyrenees with the technical support of a small equipe selected by him and he will help the national association of cystic fibrosis (Lega Italiana Fibrosi Cistica) with the fund-raising aimed at lung transplants (the only possible “cure” of cystic fibrosis), but he won’t stop there. Sebastiano will also run in the name of Oliver Twist Foundation, which is committed to help children, teenagers and young adults living in tough situations and social disadvantage to learn using the method “apprehend through the experience”.

The story of Sebastiano will be told in the documentary “We Need Lungs”, directed and produced by Ludovico de Maistre and the Taurinorum Team for Travel Media House.


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The fundraising of Sebastiano and We Need Lungs will be used to finance an Organ Care System machine for the reconditioning of the lungs during transport to the transplant center.

ORGAN CARE SYSTEM – OCS is the first organ physiological perfusion system with a portable physiological temperature designed and built to be loaded on all means of medical transport (cars, airplanes and helicopters).
Thanks to this machine, during the journey to the Transplant Center of destination, the lungs are “cleaned” and “revitalized” by the perfusion technique, to be immediately transplanted, so as to prevent the risk of ischemies and post-transplant complications.

Every person who makes a donation will receive a free “We Need Lungs” documentary once it is finished. It is possible to help in different ways, not just with donations.
You can help us organize events and fundraising projections, introduce ourselves to journalists or even just share this site on Facebook and social media.










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